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Early Childhood Elementary 

PreK students have had a wonderful year of creating memories. This year we transitioned to the Creative Curriculum Program. We started the year learning all about families! Different family members came into the classroom to share traditions, stories, and a variety of cultural dishes. Then, we learned about trees and plants. Students took multiple site visits around the school and observed varies types of trees, including maple treea, oak trees, weeping willow trees, and evergreen trees. Students planted their own seeds and observed how plants grow. Ms. Ibti helped us further our exploration of trees and plants by taking our  classes to the school garden and cooking recipes with ingredients from the garden and local Farmers Market. Our favorite Food Prints class was connected to our tree study because we made applesauce. Once we finished our tree and plant study, students learned about clothes. We learned what clothes were made of and how they were made. Students even got the opportunity to see a family member knit and crochet. Afterwards, the students also learned how to do some lacing and crocheting. In addition to our school activities, we also ventured out into the city to the Kennedy Center, Botanical Gardens, Children's Museum and the National Zoo!

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