Happy School Start from Office of the Student Advocate!

Congratulations on the start of the 2018-2019 school year! We wanted to take a moment to reconnect with you about our office, Office of the Student Advocate, and the supports we can provide to you, your school community, and the families you serve.

Office of the Student Advocate is an independent office with the DC State Board of Education. We provide information, resources, and guidance to families as they navigate our public education landscape in the following ways:

  • Think of our Request for Assistance (RFA) Line as a “311” for all things public education. We answer the line LIVE Monday- Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Your school community and families can contact us at 202-741-4692 for resources, referrals, and even one-on-one coaching on all public education issues.

  • Our Education & Community Resource Guide is an online portal that highlights over 400 community resources and agencies organized into 20+ topic areas that support or impact public education.

  • We have a wealth of Information & Advocacy Resources and Tools on a variety of topic areas, including attendance, enrollment, and special education available on our website.

  • We’ve updated our Parent & Family Go-To Guide, which is a family-friendly public education reference in one handy document.

  • We develop and present Trainings & Events for schools, families, and service providers on topics ranging from understanding public education governance to special education rights. Visit our website for more information about trainings we host.

If you have any questions about our office or ways in which our office can provide support to you and your school, feel free to call our RFA line at 202-741-4692 or email me directly at faith.gibsonhubbard@dc.gov. We look forward to working with you!


Faith and the OSA team

Faith Gibson Hubbard, Chief Student Advocate

Dan Davis, Student Advocate

Tiffany Wilson, Program Associate

Charlotta Blackman, Student Advocate Fellow

Rachel Taylor, Legislative Fellow

Office of the Student Advocate

DC State Board of Education



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