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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking for early elementary student dropoff?

There is no formal dropoff parking area at SWWFS. Informally, if you avoid parking in front of the school steps (where our busses park in the mornings) you may be ok. Note that this area is officially NO PARKING but most morning this is not enforced.

Can I schedule a school visit?

Yes! Please email us at welcome@swwfs.org and we will connect you with school administrators to help schedule a visit.

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarden

Fellow Parents Welcome You!

Your child won the lottery and now you will be attending School Without Walls at Francis Stevens; welcome! In addition to support from DCPS and SWWFS teachers and staff, current parents would like to welcome you and answer any questions you have about attending SWWFS. Please reach out by emailing us at welcome@swwfs.org to connect.