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Website Migration

Why we created a new website

Our current website is functional, well supported by one technical volunteer (thanks Jon Kelley!!) and one staff member (thanks Mr. Tavares!!), and meets the needs of our community. Even so, our current HSA is hoping to do more this year including providing a mobile-friendly website, providing an interface friendlier to being updated by more of our community, and ideally making the website a central location for information for our community.

How is the old site different from the new site?

While much of the content is the same, the site is now easily viewed from a mobile device and there has been some reorganization of pages. Please see image gallery at the bottom of the page for details.

One of the major upgrades is the ability to sell Tiger Gear (and HSA memberships) directly from the website. In the past we have re-directed to a PalPay link but this only allowed the collection of donations not the selling of merchandise.

Why not use Edlio, Blackboard, SchoolMessenger, or other paid service?

$$ :) We currently use Wix with the Unlimited store option @ $150/year (vs $6k - $10k for paid providers). All content is updated by volunteers, cybersecurity is handled by Wix, credit card security is handled by Stripe. Sites created by paid providers are much more beautiful, and more useful (combined CRMs, searchable staff directories, etc). We hope to better understand the desires of our community this year to help inform a future decision to move to a paid provider.

Can I post to the site?

YES!!! The HSA's Tech Committee is always look for volunteers and we would love to talk with you. Please email volunteer@swwfs.org to get connected.

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