SWWFS and Positive Coaching Alliance present

The Triple Impact Competitor Course

For the month of April, our partners at Positive Coaching Alliance are offering a free online interactive course on becoming a Triple Impact Competitor. We strongly encourage our students, staff, and families to the complete this virtual course!


The 60 minute session teaches students how to make positive contributions on three levels - Personal Mastery, Leadership, and Honoring the Game. PCA recommends the course for ages 12+, but we believe our students in grades 4-8 can comprehend the content with parental support. Mr. Tavares already received his certificate of completion, now go get yours!


There are two ways to access the course:


  1. School Voucher Code. Fill out the PCA Course Registration Form using the voucher code LifeIsATeamSport.




2.  Personal Voucher Code. Fill out the PCA Athlete Course Information form and you will receive your own voucher code and registration link.

Be sure to tag our school on social media with a picture of your certificate. 

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