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Athlete Registration Information

All students must complete a participation packet every school year. Additionally, the medical forms must be completed within the prior 365 days. We encourage you to have your healthcare provider complete these forms before the school year and attach them to your participation packet.


1. Participation Packet

2. Universal Health Certificate (UHC). Students with certain medical conditions may also need to complete an Asthma Action Plan or an Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Athlete Participation Forms

All students must complete athlete participation forms annually to be eligible to compete in DC Interscholastic Athletics. We encourage families to visit DCIAA Participation Forms for online submission. Athlete participation forms include Consent for Athletic Participation, Emergency Treatment Information, Concussion Information Sheet, and Universal Health Certificate. Individual forms are listed below.

Please note the universal health certificate is valid for 1 year from the exam date. The universal health certificate must be signed, stamped, and dated by a medical doctor or a nurse practitioner.

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