Executive Board and Committees

Board of Directors


Tracy Phillips, President | hsapresident@swwfs.org

Adria Jones Wright, Vice President | hsavp2@swwfs.org

Shaquana Banks, Vice President | hsavp2@swwfs.org

Eric Akridge, Treasurer | hsatreasurer@swwfs.org

Jennie Chang, Secretary | hsasecretary@swwfs.org

Chris Sondreal, Membership | @swwfs.org

Richard Trogisch, Principal | Richard.trogisch@dc.gov

Cicely Ogunshakin, Middle School Teacher Representative |

Naelis Ervin, Elementary School Teacher Representative |

Latesha Durkins & Catherine Norton, Early Childhood School Teacher Representatives |


The events committee will oversee the preparation of events and programs in support of SWWFS.

Facilities and Grounds

The Facilities and Grounds Committee is charged with ensuring that SWWFS’ building and grounds are secure and safe; state of the art; well maintained; and conducive to learning.


The purpose of this Committee, through planful and strategic fundraising, is to lead the HSA in efforts to attract money and services to support the mission of SWWFS.

Membership and Enrollment

This Committee is responsible for increasing the number of members in the HSA, as well as working to retain the current student population, and through Open Houses and other activities, educates prospective parents about SWWFS to maintain the school’s capacity.

Out-of-School Time

The purpose of this Committee is to ensure that the students of SWWFS have quality before and after care programming that includes a mix of academic, cultural, and recreational activities.

Room Parent

This Committee ensures that each class at SWWFS has at least one class parent that will disseminate information and be the liaison between the teacher (academic and “specials”), and the home and school association.

If you want to contact your student’s Room Parent, his/her e-mail address is listed on the SWWFS Room Parent E-mail List.

Elections (HSA and LSAT)

Nominating Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

SWWFS HSA Bylaws 2014